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Drone Force! is a side scrolling action/strategy game that puts you in charge of a newly appointed Police Drone Unit. Your objective is to identify the wanted fugitives from the innocents and capture them within the time limit using the drones various abilities.

Current features include;

  • 4 level demo with tutorial
  • 4 different pieces of drone equipment - stun dart, pepper spray, building scanner and smoke bomb.
  • Various drone abilities - Overwatch, facial recogniton and auto return home.
  • 2 enemy types - Unarmed and armed

Please bear in mind this game is in very early development and the current artwork and sound will not be a reflection on any potential final release. If you do feel that you could contribute with either of these then I'd love to hear from you.

I'd really appreciate your honest feedback on the concept and game so far, as this will depend on the future of the project.

I hope you enjoy!


Install instructions

Download and extract all of the .zip file into the same folder and run the drone-force.exe file.


Drone Force!.zip 24 MB
Drone Force!.exe - Installer 23 MB

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